Best Career Resources for International Students

Are you an international student who wants to find a job oversea or an alumnus who would like to work in your own country? If that is so, then you are at the right place, we have the best recommendations for you to consider.

Down below are the five websites designed to help an international student who just graduated and wants to find a job in that country. Or alumni who have their graduation in another country and now want to get back to their own country and find work.

Each website will have different ways to ease your urge to find jobs and guide you through your paths to accomplishing it. In all five, there is one powerful website we are about to show you:


JOB+ connects international students, fresh graduates, and experienced alumni with global companies looking to hire people who have international experience. If you are looking for work abroad as well as back home and in hubs like Dubai, the UK, Europe, and Asia then this is a great place to start your search. Unlike other job search websites, JOB+ recommends companies that recruit international talent to you. They have the largest international student employment data set in the world.

Talk Study

A powerful website that has all the guidelines for both international students and alumni to explore their potential. You can go through all the free blogs and articles that have been written by professionals to discover the jobs opportunity. Therefore, you will become prepared and understand more about the requirements of all the employers in the world.

Career Accelerators

The Career Accelerator program is designed to help graduate international students develop their career development skills and gain experience relevant to the job market. The Career Accelerator connects students with on-campus and off-campus businesses, non-profit organizations, and other Adelphi campus offices to give them the chance to learn about and gain hands-on experience in different types of careers.

Course Advisor

Course Advisor utilizes data to connect students with career-specific courses. Course Advisor has compiled information on thousands of universities and career accelerators, as well as hundreds of thousands of courses and programs. Using this data, it’s able to provide targeted search results to students.

A degree may confer confidence. It provides the official stamp of approval from your high school or university, and you've earned it through hard work or by taking advantage of career-related programs offered by a college, university or technical school. Earning a degree can be an investment: An investment in your own future earning power. It may also be a requirement for pursuing certain jobs. A degree can open doors to a field you don't understand yet.


Multinational corporations have long insisted that high-potential executives gain global experience by working in other countries before accepting senior leadership positions. Several of the global economy's most familiar players—including Google, Microsoft, Alcoa, Clorox, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Pepsi, and Pfizer—are run by immigrant CEOs. In order to attract top talent from around the world, companies are increasingly turning towards aggressive recruitment tactics. Data scientists, software engineers, programmers and cloud computing experts are in high demand across industries including retail companies and financial firms; these firms often choose to compete for new workers on a global scale by offering competitive compensation packages.

Governments are also joining the battle to attract and retain talent by offering financial incentives, such as higher salaries and tax breaks. Officials increasingly realize that the speed of technological change increases the chances that their businesses will be left behind. The race for talent, they have found, has become a public function.