Next Generation
Career Development

Next Generation Career Development

Today, we are exploring the next generation of professional development for modern students. Let's take a look at FourthRev, which has launched a new type of program called "Career Accelerator."

The FourthRev team has created world-class online learning programs that can obtain qualifications from leading universities, certifications from the world's best technology companies, and digital technology work with a global network of employer partners.

Leading university scholars and technology companies ensure that learning meets university education standards consistent with formal qualifications and meets industry needs for workplace skills, knowledge, and behavior.

They are designed with modern learners in mind. They believe that knowledgeable and diverse student groups worldwide need an education that focuses on both what they are learning and how they learn. They have developed an intuitive learning platform experience that combines technology and human skills related to the workplace to create results for a high-growth career, not just the next job.

Who Are FourthRev?

FourthRev exists to create economic and social value by closing the global digital skills gap. Their vision is to become the world’s leading enabler of employability outcomes for graduates and lifelong learners in the digital economy.

FourthRev was founded in May 2019 by Omar de Silva and Jack Hylands. In the two years since, the pair has forged partnerships with global tech companies including AWS, GitHub and Salesforce, as well as with top universities in Australia, the UK and the US.

FourthRev <> Career Accelerators

When the DataCareers.Asia team checked FourRev’s career accelerator design, we were impressed by the combination of its project’s employability results, academic and industry cooperation, and unique cooperation methods with top universities, essentially combining the best academics and industry knowledge, Provide employment channels for graduates by providing short-term courses.

Key Points

  • 6-month, online programme

  • Co-developed by university and industry

  • Employment or career growth opportunities in the digital economy (long-term careers)

  • Meet industry demand

  • Holistic career development (academic excellence + tech skills + human skills + professional development)

  • Portfolio of Evidence

  • Pathways to academic certification

  • Personalised Support (1:1 career coaching, students success, mentorship)