Recruiting Tech Talent with Career Accelerators

Naturally, companies are looking to attract top tech talent from around the globe to join them and help them reach new heights. After all, recruiting tech talent and attracting them is the key to success in a globalized digital economy. Therefore, employer university partnerships are becoming more common with every passing day, with a prime focus on talent acquisition. Not sure how it works? Don’t worry! The current article will summarize how top tech talent is recruited by employers using career accelerators.

Career Accelerators and Recruitment

The demand for tech skills has grown considerably over the past few years. There has been an enormous demand for niche talents and skills in the digitalized career space. However, finding the right talent in this regard is challenging, primarily through the diversified network of talent acquisition globally. Therefore, employer-university partnerships are becoming more common, where both recruiter/career sites and specialist job boards are integrated into the university career accelerator programs. This way, the top talent from around the globe seeking out different jobs and careers can find their path towards interested employers.

Hiring Platforms

Company targets and requirements are identified before placing job requirements on the career accelerator programs, by companies like Cturtle. To attract top tech talent, the hiring process is revolutionized to become completely online. This way, every major company gets an equal chance to hire top-notch talent in the tech space.

The Nature of Employer University Partnerships

One key attribute of university education is to prepare people for different careers. The same idea translates into the career accelerator programs formed by renowned universities from across the globe. This way, the programs are already focused on recruiting tech talent for global firms. However, the nature of a signified employer-university partnership can attract top tech talent in a better way:

● The employers sponsor the programs for career acceleration launched by renowned universities.

● In return, the universities develop programs solely focused on the technology and digital skills required by the employers for specific niches and fields.

● People who take part in these courses are judged for their abilities on these skill requirements. In essence, they are taking a certification that is directed towards a specific career.

● The university can automatically recommend those who excel at the certifications for apprenticeship and recruitment.

Benefits of Employer-University Partnerships

There are numerous benefits of employer-university partnerships in attracting top tech talent, a great example of this would a career accelerator from Cturtle:

People skillful in the technology field can get assured opportunities by completing and excelling at their certifications and career accelerator programs. Therefore, for top tech talent, the investment in such career accelerator programs has a great return.

Employers can get employees who have been trained specifically in the tech skills required in their relevant careers. This way, the recruitment is more effective and can ensure that the employees can offer outstanding human resource contributions to the employer’s firm.

The university has a clear direction on what program to constitute. Their programs can develop a reputation for offering assured benefits in field careers. Therefore, the programs can become more stable with greater interest from students around the world.

The online nature of such programs ensures that anyone with talent can take part in these programs. No one would require any physical travel. Still, they would all have an equal opportunity to be recognized for their tech talents and recruited by major employers.

The certainty of career transformation brought by employer university partnerships is immense. By taking part in career accelerators developed in this way, everyone can benefit to their maximum potential.


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